2 April, 2015

Why use Flex PCB’s?

Flexible circuits or Flex PCB’s is a term used to describe a technology for assembling electronic circuits by mounting electronic components on flexible plastic substrates, such as polyimide, PEEK or transparent conductive polyester film and can be used in a wide variety of products and industries; generally because of their diversity in design.

They are now becoming very commonly used as the benefits regarding time and flexibility of use makes them appealing from both an accuracy of build perspective, but can also reduce costs ensuring your products can remain
competitive in an ever growing market.

Flex PCB’s are often used as connectors in various applications where flexibility, space savings, or production constraints limit the serviceability of rigid circuit boards or hand wiring but also their use can give the following benefits:

  • Reduction in assembly time
  • Reduction in costs
  • Greater flexibility in design
  • More flexibility when fitting
  • High density device population
  • Reduction in assembly faults
  • Better quality airflow
  • Greater heat dissipation
  • Improved reliability
  • Stronger and more stable
  • Straighforward in design
  • Reduced weight/size of product

If you have a product that uses flex PCB’s and you are looking for a CEM that can manufacture to your high standands or you have any other projects you would like to discuss, please feel free to give our Sales Team a call on 01394 445566.