Series Production

When the prototypes are done, the New Product Introduction phase complete and the market is calling for supply of your product, well a well-managed and dynamic program for series production is necessary?

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Series Production

Different customers, different products and different stages in the life cycle of a product mean that the best approach for determining the right cadence of production, level of commitment to finished goods or raw materials is almost always unique.

Cogent Technology works with customers to ensure the optimum program of supply is adopted for Series Production.  Working with key information regarding material lead times, sales forecasts and as much information as is possible with regard to the cycle of demand, we work with customers to optimise our production.

Getting the right balance between cost effective batch sizes and minimising finished goods inventory is key to your competiveness and cash flow.  The most appropriate approach may be spot orders at the point of demand or we may agree terms on a KaNBan arrangement allowing you to respond rapidly to customer demands, winning those orders that demand instant supply without overburdening you with stock and keeping your operation LEAN.

As a contract manufacturer offering such a medley of supply profiles for series production, the need to have a working and dynamic plan is imperative.  Cogent Technology has a unique system called MaPS which has been designed, developed and is driven by our PRINCE2 qualified planning team.  The professionalism we apply to planning is equal to that which we apply to our whole manufacturing operation; the fruits of that expertise are born out in exceptional quality and delivery performance.

Your dedicated account manager will work hard to understand your needs and design a program of supply to maximise effectiveness.  Once up and running, at regular reviews, patterns of demand can be discussed and the model adapted to ensure your Series Production delivers success.