PCB Testing and Inspection

We build Quality in, Test to Validate and Inspect to verify!

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Testing and Inspection

Cogent Technology offers a comprehensive range of PCB and electronic functional testing services.  From simple power checks, programming, XJTAG and AOI through to calibration and product conformance all performed by skilled engineers in our PCB Testing and Inspection procedure.

For all Surface Mount Technology (SMT) assemblies quality standards are maintained using the latest AOI machines and software to assist inspection where the human eye can fail, ensuring that the right components are placed in the right orientation and in the right place.

For test and inspection, Cogent’s AOI technology can also detect short circuits and dry joints, allowing us to fine tune our processes, improve quality where needed, reduce rework and increase first time passes.  Every SMT PCB Assembly is subjected to AOI, 100%.

A team of qualified test engineers provide functional tests for PCB assembly and instrumentation calibration supported by advanced flying probe testing when appropriate.

We work with customers to develop test and calibration strategies

that to cover PCB testing, environmental cycling, burn in and every key measurement is recorded, electronically in a device history record (DHR), retained for the life of the product.


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