PCB Pricing – How we cost your PCB Assembly and Instrument Build

We are an ‘Open book’ when it comes to pricing

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Open Book Pricing

Cogent Technology offers complete transparency with the open book PCB pricing.  So you have reassurance that there will be no hidden costs and the price that you have been quoted will be the price that you pay

Cogent Technology’s unit pricing is open book with control and continuity…ensuring customers that have been placing business for more than two decades; a key component in sustaining these long term relationships has been their Open Book Pricing policy.

And as much as our customer relationships are important, so to are our supply chain relationships.  With a long history of working with our suppliers we achieve both price and responsiveness when needed and continuously monitor their performance.

Your bill of material estimate will be detailed line by line. At Cogent Technology they understand the need for a flexible and dynamic supply chain that can provide fundamental advantages to you.  Whatever your requirement is; full procurement, part procurement or even free issue, the team will establish a sustainable and dependable supply chain solution.

Working closely with our customers, understanding the forward demand we can make strategic choices to establish best price and secure continuity of supply.

Labour is calculated with a unique tool which applies activity based costing to ensure products only carrier the burden of the processes they consume. The tool is continuously updated in line with the evolution of shop floor processes.

As your volumes increase in line with your sales successes, you can rest assured through Cogent’s Open Book policy the benefits will be passed on systematically, enhancing your bottom line performance.


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