PCB Manufacturing Process

Powered and Controlled by MaPS (Monitoring and Planning System) – your route to quality; on-time

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PCB Manunfacturing Process

Our customer focused approach means that monitoring and control to ensure quality and on-time delivery is at the heart of everything we do and our MaPS ensures the right tools are on hand for the right job!

All PCB Manufacturing Processes demand control from beginning to end.

Success every step of the manufacturing process from the quotation through to final despatch are inherently linked.

To ensure control and with a belief that every step is as critical as the next, Cogent Technology developed a Monitoring and Planning System (MaPS).

MaPS controls the work stack of the indirect team from estimating through to document control and provision of production tooling.

Manufacturing stages are planned with a focus not just on capacity but also on capability with an integrated matrix of training which ensures the right tools are on hand for the job and flagging training needs ahead of the time.

The whole process begins with Contract Review; part of our PO entry gate, this launches the necessary activities, controlled via Contract Review Actions, Green House (NPI), NPI Hot House or Fasttrack Hot House ensuring the right path for your product.