PCB Manufacturing for Through-Hole Assembly

Cogent will select the right Through-Hole Assembly process to optimise quality and minimise cost

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PCB Manufacturing for Through-Hole Assembly

Our Through-Hole and Conventional PCB Assembly is carried out by our highly trained IPC professionals who will manufacture your products to both IPC-A-610 and ISO9001 and 13485 quality standards.

Cogent Technology offers a range of solutions for through-hole PCB assembly all compliant with IPC-A-610 workmanship standards.

Through-hole PCB Assembly Manufacturing Process

Whilst conventional manual through-hole soldering has a part to play at prototype and for very small volume, in concert with the efficiency of surface mount technology (SMT), Cogent seeks to apply the most efficient methodology available.

For high densities of mixed component through-hole insertion, laser guided Mascot assembly stations ensure consistent placement.

For maximum throughput of medium-high volume batches, slide line techniques are deployed with a culture of buddy checking, to build in quality.

Wave flow soldering is the optimum solution to automate through-hole joints but can be left wanting when high density double sided

surfacemount components have to be mixed with through-hole parts.  To overcome this Cogent have at their disposal Selective Wave Soldering using Ersa EcoSelect 2.

Whilst the ideal solution for mixed technology, it also serves to overcome heat sinking issues associated with heavy ground planes in multi layered boards. With every joint repeatedly formed in a cloud of Nitrogen Gas, perfection is realised, every time.

In Summary: Why choose Cogent Technology for Through-Hole Assembly;

  • Working to internationally recognised IPC standards
  • Controlled by ISO9001 and 13485 QMS
  • Full range of Soldering methodologies, optimised for you
  • Monitored by MaPS


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