IPC Standards for PCB Assembly

What is the IPC standard?

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IPC Standards for PCB Assembly

The IPC is the Institute of Printed Circuits and was founded in 1957 and remains today the industry’s leading source for standards, training, market research and public policy advocacy. IPC supports programs to meet the needs of an estimated $2.17 trillion global within the electronics Industry.

To support the adoption of best practices for electronics industry the IPC has defined over 225 active standards covering all aspects from design, to components including bare PCBs and of course PCB Assembly. Of prime interest to Cogent Technology are the general assembly standards;

  • IPC-A-610 – Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies: the industry accepted workmanship criteria for PCB Assembly
  • IPC/WHMA-A-620 – Requirements and Acceptance for Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies; is the Industry consensus standard for cable and wire harness fabrication and installation.
  • IPC-7711/7721 – Rework of Electronic Assemblies/Repair and Modification of Printed Boards and Electronic Assemblies: essential during the prototype stage to ensure changes to specification can be implemented effectively

Choosing Cogent Technology as your CEM partner means reassurance for you that your product will be manufactured to the very high standards set out by IPC, with both Class 2 and Class 3 assemblies available, with the added assurance that the rigours of our ISO9001 and ISO13485 standards ensure sustained compliance.

Industry standards for workmanship defined by the IPC are the cornerstone of every solder joint and every wire crimp.

Consistent application of these standards demands high quality training.  Cogent Technology has an in-house expertise qualified to certify production technicians to the required standards.

Whilst there are distinct variances between IPC classes, Cogent can support our customers in specifying their requirements according to the cost/integrity balance appropriately.

On-going validation of operator training is placed in equal regard with validation of processes; And as an ISO 13485 manufacturer this validation, and the records thereof, forms a key part of our compliance.


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