“What Cogent does best is deliver quality manufactured products in line with our moving order book and it’s all backed up with Open Book pricing. Our manufacturing partnership with Cogent Technology has given us time to focus on what we do best too!”

“There is a saying we have all used in life at some point, ‘the proof is in the pudding.’ Well I think I have enough evidence to say Cogent are one of Helvar’s top suppliers, they manage everything we throw at them! Anyone looking for contract electronics should talk to Cogent. If they don’t, they genuinely could be missing a trick”

– Chris Irons, Logistics Manager for Helvar

The commercial advantage for Helvar

Helvar designs, markets, and sells Energy saving lighting control systems.

The company formerly manufactured its own lighting systems in house, before making a strategic decision in 2002 to focus on its competencies of Design and Marketing its products. Manufacturing was not core to the business and was identified for outsource to a trusted partner.

Outsourcing its manufacturing process had an immediate commercial benefit for Helvar. Quality improved, manufacturing costs reduced, cash flow improved and production was more responsive and flexible.