24 June, 2015

Your ‘One-Stop-Shop’ for Contract Electronics Manufacturing

We have a wide range of services, so why not call us today to see what services would benefit you…

PCB Assembly and Surface Mount Technology –

Cogent Technology offer a combination of conventional and surface mount printed circuit board assembly which can include Through-Hole Assembly and Ball Grid Array (BGA) Assembly.  Using the latest technology, our advanced equipment places even the smallest components quickly and accurately allowing us to produce high volumes.

Complete Box Builds –

Your ‘one-stop-shop’ for just components or finished boxed build products.  This can include electrical control enclosures, exterior component box building and final box assembly with supplied components

New Product Introduction

Speed and accuracy are both essential elements where a new product introduction is concerned; our highly trained, experienced technicians will ensure your innovative designs are brought to life achieving the quality you desire within your specified lead time.   Product alone does not complete the NPI process, Cogent add real value with   feedback on design for manufacture, ensuring lowest cost and maximum product life, material availability ensuring long term supply chain security and   scalability for your volumes going forward

Wave Solder & Selective Wave Soldering –

Wave flow soldering is a well-established approach to add speed and consistency to through-hole assemblies.  By complementing this with advanced selective wave soldering the same benefits can be achieved on complex mixed technology circuits for which the wave flow solder process is inhibited.  In addition, circuits with heavy ground planes can be successfully automated giving even greater flexibility to through-hole assembly

Conformal Coating

Effective Conformal Coating depends upon close   process control.  Starting with thorough cleansing of assemblies,   conformal coating is applied with high accuracy and at a repeatable depth   using their PVA-650 robotic spraying process.  Coverage is verified   under UV inspection to ensure sound results, every time!

Inspection and Test

For all SMA assemblies, their   quality standards are maintained using the latest AOI software to assist   where the human eye can fail.  This can check that the right components   are placed in the right orientation and in the right place.  This technology can also detect short circuits and dry joints, allowing us to fine   tune processes, improve quality, reduce rework and increase first time passes.  A team of qualified test engineers provide functional test and calibration supported by advanced flying probe testing where appropriate