12 July, 2016

ElectroStatic Discharge – The Hidden Danger

Cogent Technology takes ESD very seriously; with well established controls in place we can mitigate the risk of failure and ensure you product quality is achieved

So what is ESD?

ESD or Electrostatic Discharge is the sudden flow of electricity between objects with different potentials caused by contact, close proximity or dielectric breakdown. A familiar example is the shock you can receive after walking across carpet and touching filling cabinet, however the volume of flow does not need to great enough for a human to feel for damage to have occurred to an electronic device.

There are generally 2 types of failure that can occur: Catastrophic failure in which a device completely fails immediately after ESD damage has occurred, and Latent failure where damage has occurred but the device does not fail instantaneously but instead fails at an unknown point in the future.

Both of these failures are undesirable, however it is latent failure, when the product could be in the hands of your customer, which can have the biggest negative impact on product confidence.

So how does Cogent Technology ensure your product is manufactured with the lowest possible risk of ESD damage?

  • Over 3000 Sq. feet of ESD Floors used with ESD shoes/ Heel Grounders – for areas of production in motion
  • Wrist Straps with daily signoffs – for static operations
  • ESD Protective work benches – for all areas were assembly on your product will take place
  • ESD protective storage trays for PCB assemblies – to ensure controls while moving through manufacturing areas
  • Non Conductive and protective component packaging  – to ensure compliance within the stores area
  • Evaporated Water cooling system – aids maintaining a higher humidity which thusly reduces the potential for ESD damage to occur

The above are just some of the controls in place to ensure ESD damage does not occur to your product.

If you want to know how our tight ESD controls benefits the manufacture of your product, in accordance with IPC Standards, then please feel free to contact us on 01394 445550.