Cogent offers a broad range of PCB assembly services

From planning to sales

Manufacturing processes designed to deliver quality and our stringent testing procedures apply to all our electronics manufacturing without additional cost to you. It’s because we use Lean Manufacturing techniques and operate a 5S factory that high quality with minimal cost comes as standard.

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Our process

Any project you place with us will follow our standard process.

Step 1 - Planning

The defined process we use for monitoring and controlling every stage of your project – from order acknowledgement through to delivery of your product – gives you visibility into the planned production schedules and production costs for your project.

We review the progress of your project against the plan at our daily sunrise meeting, and will alert you of any risks and required actions to keep your project on schedule.

Step 2 - Procurement

We constantly monitor the status of all required components, so there is no risk of the pick list showing up a missing component and delaying your project. Intelligent application of MRP systems allows our purchasing team to:

  • Obtain accurate and up-to-date information on lead times for all components
  • Secure stock with distributors for items with a long lead time
  • Locate obsolete or scarce stock on the international markets
  • Propose lower-cost alternatives for high-volume items
  • Constantly drive for the earliest supply of components so that your product kit can be released to manufacturing on time
  • Deliver complete kits on time

The risk of delays to your project and its costs are minimised with our procurement process.

Step 3 - Surface mount

The technology we use provides you with the very best at the minimum cost. Our Surface Mount machines are selected for flexibility and accuracy of placement, minimum set-up time and, of course, rapid production. The automated optical inspection actively supports our process control and ensures 100% verification of every placement.

Within this department, as throughout Cogent Technology, preparation and planning are the foundation of success. Our rigorous process control ensures we exceed your expectations.

Our SMT handles fine pitch, BGA, intrusive reflow, glue dot and we use selective soldering pallets if required, so no matter what your project is we are ready to meet the most challenging assembly.

Step 4 - Conventional assembly

Our individuals are selected according to the specific range of skills needed to assemble your product. We will use the optimum combination of processes for your product and ensure everything is manufactured to a minimum workmanship standard of IPC-A-610.

Our capabilities include:

  • Segregation of leaded and lead-free soldering to avoid contamination
  • Slide line, laser-guided and manual through hole assembly
  • Wave flow soldering
  • Cable harnesses
  • Controlled environment for conformal coating
  • Box build

Your manufacturing team will select the appropriate tools and techniques to ensure your products are manufactured as efficiently as possible.

Step 5 - Distribution

With anything we manufacture you can choose to have us supply it to you or direct to your client. Our clients are so confident in our manufacturing quality that many ask us to direct-ship to their client.

When we deliver to your client you avoid some of the costs associated with handling stock. No goods-in procedures or quality control checks, no storage issues, no repacking or haulage to arrange. Just tell us where you want the products sent, and we’ll make sure they get there.

Step 6 - After sales service

Very occasionally a fault may develop with one of our products. When that does happen, within the warranty period you can return the product.

We track the returned product within our standard business systems (so you receive an acknowledgement) and target to repair or replace it within 5 working days.

Beyond the warranty period you can still ask us to service the products we’ve manufactured as required and we’ll be pleased to repair them. In this case, you can expect your products back within 10 working days, subject to availability of component spares.