16 September, 2015

Cogent Celebrates 30yrs in Business

Cogent technology is in its 30th anniversary year, over those 3 decades they have regularly demonstrated the ability to adapt to meet market needs, and they have just done it again, with MaPS.

Cogent Technology looks ahead with MaPS……

During those 30 years one of the only constants within Cogent has been its unwavering commitment to continuous improvement. The latest result of that ongoing evolution has just been formally released; a new bespoke Monitoring and planning system, known as MaPS. A culmination of a number of developments trialled during 2014 MaPS brings together an integrated system which has transformed the effectiveness and cohesion of all of the key activities required to service customers, from order receipt to despatch and invoice, under total control, with every important indicator monitored, measured and acted on.

MaPS  is now firmly embedded into the organisation and the impact has been revolutionary,” says Nigel Slator – Managing Director at Cogent Technology. He goes on to say “I’ve been in the CEM sector my entire career and the challenges of many demands with many variables have always resulted in an armoury of discrete systems to maintain and align. I’ve been in pursuit for a system that simplifies and centralises everything but until now I’ve always been left wanting; until Cogent decided to look at creating their own system.

At the concept stage, when MaPS was offered up by our management team as the complete solution there was some natural scepticism from the board. However, the reality has been revolutionary and elements are still unfolding in every area that were not apparent throughout original conceptualisation. It’s difficult to put into a few words how effective this unique tool is but those customers & representatives from the regulatory bodies who have audited us on a number of occasions since implementation, looked at MaPS under the bonnet, seen the outputs and the impact on performance it has and they are all moved to say how impressed they are by the clear depth of control it gives us.”

That control is demonstrated by the result of the most recent ISO9001 and 13485 audits which have resulted in zero non-conformances and delivery and quality performance indicators that Cogent can be proud of.

Commercial Manager, Daniel Goddard remarked,  “It has been a pleasure showing people what MaPS  can do to the world of planning and monitoring of Cogent’s processes, I’m being told by my audience that it’s truly a unique planning tool within our sector”

If you would like a full demonstration of how your electronics manufacturing requirements would be controlled and monitored at Cogent by MaPS, please contact Daniel and his team on 01394 445550, the benefits could be the best move for your company for a decade!