15 October, 2014

Choose the perfect CEM

Like any relationship, a business partnership often begins with high expectations, only to possibly end in acrimony.  so it is important to know as much as you can about potential business partners, before signing on the dotted line!

There is no ‘one size fits all rule’ when choosing your CEM; so to ensure you are choosing the right manufacturing partner, you will need to evaluate carefully what it is you need from the relationship –

  • Does the CEM have the capability to produce the volumes you need?
  • Do you think their quality standards mirror yours?
  • What is the background and culture of the organisation?
  • Are they the right fit financially?
  • Can they meet your expectations?
  • Are they as committed to the partnership as you are?
  • Do you have matching values?

And if when answering all of the above they still seem to be perfect fit for you… does this all come at a price?

So, what should a CEM really do for you?

In our nearly 30 years experience of providing CEM services to a varying range of industry sectors, we feel a truly effective partner is one that has the abilities and skills that complement your own, one which can expand what you can do as a team internally and become a welcome extension of your own business.

Cogent Technology’s team of specialists all work to a common goal – to consistently produce products to high standards, within agreed timeframes, at rates that are acceptable to both parties, ensuring our clients have no unwanted surprises!

And over the years, we have learned that the key to meeting the high expectations of our clients and retaining mutually lucrative business partnerships is achieved quiet simply – we listen to our clients needs, we act accordingly and with integrity, we communicate honestly and openly and keep them updated at all times.

So next time you have a project and you are considering CEM providers, why not give us a call on +44 (0)1394 445566 – and remember, Cogent Technology strive to achieve the same goals as your organisation …to ensure your projects are kept on schedule, built to specification, produced efficiently, brought to market successfully and, most importantly, delivered on time!