3 November, 2015

Box Build Assembly – more than just a board in a box

Cogent Technology’s provides Box Build solutions to a range of industry sectors, including; medical, industrial and control, telecoms and security.  As your chosen CEM we can offer as with our PCB Assembly, basic board in an enclosure or complex, precision electromechanical instrumentation for your completed product build supported by a range of enclosure types with cable and wiring harnesses and custom packaging for your unit and any supporting sub-assemblies.

Cogent Technology has been manufacturing complete Instrumentation systems since its formation in 1985 and has extensive experience in supplying full box build product, assembled, tested and commissioned to your specification and to the standards defined by IPC630 and the J-Std.  Every step of the assembly, the origin of every component with who did what, when and where is recorded to meet the traceability requirements of ISO13485 for medical box build underpinned by a complete Device History Record (DHR).


From a simple encapsulation of a PCB assembly within two plastic mouldings to a complex bespoke enclosure combining plastic, metallic and composite parts, Cogent Technology has the expertise within our engineering and procurement teams to manage third party specialists contributing this element to a high level box build service. In addition, we offer in house over moulding capability for great product integrity and ruggedness.

Cable Assemblies

Cogent Technology is capable of producing cable assemblies from the simplest form of a few wires stripped, twisted and tinned to large and complex bundles of unique ID marked wires, crimped with terminations and formed into harnesses optimised for an elegant fit within your system.


In addition to the PCB assemblies manufactured within our own facility the procurement of off the shelf electronics for power supplies, motor drives etc. is managed to ensure quality and integrity of supply.  Equally, we have examples of bringing together pumps, solenoids and a plethora of devices to support clinical and industrial instrumentation.

To find out more about Cogent Technology and how we can help you, please call our sales team today on 01394 445550 or visit our website at www.cogent-technology.co.uk