26 March, 2015

Benefit from Cogent Technology’s Open Book Policy

Whatever you purchase, whether it is a new computer, a new pair of shoes, a new camera or a PCB, it is only natural to shop around for the ‘best price’.

But are we really looking for best price or best value for money and how do we determine ‘best price’?

As a buyer, we take different factors into consideration in addition to price:

  • Will we receive excellent customer service?
  • Will the product conform to specification?
  • Will it be high quality?
  • Will it be delivered on time
  • Will you be delighted?

And last but not least, did you pay what you were quoted or were there any hidden costs?

At Cogent we are proud of our honest approach to business with one of the key attractions for our customers being our Open Book Pricing policy which ensures costs, and a myriad of other vital information, are completely transparent. For us this is the cornerstone of trust in our customer relationships and assurance, for them, of our competiveness.

So why not contact Cogent’s sales team for a quote today on 01394 445566 or email: enquiriescem@cogentcem.com and see how we can work together to reduce costs and give you peace of mind that we not only guarantee you will receive our best price, but also best value for money!