15 December, 2014

Investing in Technology and Our People


New Anglia

In December 2013, Cogent Technology won a £1million contract, which was so substantial to them, it caused them to rethink their current strategies and re-analyse their efficiency and productivity to ensure they could manage this increase in demand.

In February 2014, Cogent were advised that the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership (NALEP) may be able to help as they worked with local organisations to assist them in developing their business strategies and assist financially in positive infrastructure improvements.

Cogent submitted an application detailing areas within their business that could benefit from grant funding which would boost their own capital investment plans to expand in technology and machinery – ‘this project was supported by New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership through the Growing Business Fund.’  Once the application was received, the NALEP Business team assessed and reviewed the application to confirm the level of funding that they would potentially offer for a grant if Cogent met the criteria.

A year on, thanks to the £50k grant injection they received from NALEP in March 2014, the changes to Cogent as a business have been sizable and has enabled them to introduce the technological improvements they needed in the following areas;

  • Surface Mount department, with greater placement rates from the upgraded line, and a doubling of AOI capacity to ensure quality is monitored at a rate to meet production
  • Conformal Coating process, formally a completely manual process robotised spraying now alleviates the need for masking and gives rise to much greater capacity

Their original project objectives have also been met, which has facilitated in increased output, allowed greater flexibility for products, minimised machine downtime, enabled them to expand their workforce by 5% and increase business productivity by 30% – all within just 12months.

So if you wanted to see how all these changes can benefit your organisation, please feel free to call the sales team at Cogent today on +44 (0)1394 445566 or email enquiriescem@enquiriescem.com.