5 March, 2015

Helping you understand the RFQ process

When submitting an RFQ to Cogent, our sales team will need certain information from your organisation to process your quotation.

To help you fully understand the process, we have developed two documents – our Manufacturing Data Requirements and RFQ Information Requirements which will assist you in understanding our quoting procedure; from initial contact all the way through to when you receive your completed ‘Open Book’ quotation.

These documents include essential information that will ensure that at the RFQ stage your design files are provided in readiness to match our manufacturing guidelines; providing you with specifics around how we use and handle the data internally and externally with our component vendors in order to produce you a quote.

Also included are specification you will need to consider for BOM, PCB Gerber and ASCll data for programming automated processes as well-as highlighting the details we need to formulate your medical Device History Record.

Our aim is to provide you with a quick and accurate quote, so following the details defined in these documents carefully will reduce time at the quoting process and minimise the potential for time lost on Cogent manufacturing documents, programs and tooling for you product.

Please feel free to click through to the documents below: