6 May, 2020

Cogent’s COVID-19 Working

COVID-19 Working Environment Safety Precautions

The work Cogent Technology does means we are classed as Key Workers, manufacturing devices to save and enhance lives.
In order for us to support our client, Cogent Technology are following the governments guidelines and have put the below guidelines in place within the working environment.

To ensure the safety of all our staff and visitors, we ask that all entering the working environment follow the guidelines listed below:

Showing Symptoms:
– Cogent is following the government guidelines when it comes to showing symptoms. We ask that if any of our staff are showing symptoms or anyone within their own household is showing symptoms that they speak with their direct line manager / HR about self-isolating for the required time period as advised by the government.

– All visitors will be required to read a COVID-19 related disclaimer before entering the working areas.

Social Distancing:
– Cogent has implemented the 2m social distancing throughout the site, where possible. Areas have been marked out with floor tape and signs to remind staff and visitors of this.
– On the shop floor, areas have been segregated with protective plastic separators.
Face Masks:
– Each employee has been issued with a pack of facemasks for the current week and will be issued weekly with new masks for the following working week. We would ask that each day the used mask is suitably disposed of and a new mask used for the following day.
– Visitors entering the main building will be provided a face mask.
– The masks should be worn at all times when sharing work/office spaces and moving around the building.
– We ask that the instructions are read thoroughly to ensure the mask is fitted correctly.
– If the mask is to be removed to eat or drink, the individual must adhere to strict social distancing guidelines.
– Disposable gloves are provided for use in communal areas such as Kitchenettes and staff rooms.
– Gloves are to be used when using communal items such as Kettles, cutlery etc.
– After use, the gloves should be disposed of in a suitable manner.
Washing Hands:
– Cogent have multiple locations around the site where staff and visitors will be able to wash their hands.
– A Sufficient amount of soap is provided.
– We ask that all staff and visitors was their hands; after blowing their nose, sneezing or coughing, before eating or handling food.
– Hand sanitiser is provided in the reception areas for visitors and also around the working areas for regular use by staff.