5 October, 2015

Cogent Technology – more than just a CEM

Wouldn’t it be great to have a manufacturing partner that not   only understands your business challenges, but one which will also offer feedback on your products and your manufacturing process that could save your   organisation both time and money when your product goes to market.

Well that is exactly what we do   at Cogent Technology.  To understand your business, your products and   potential pitfalls is part of the service we provide and that is why we can   boast that we have clients who have been working with us for nearly 30 yrs;   and equally as important, we can demonstrate that we understand the process   of taking your product to market with the complexities of gaining FDA   approval alongside manufacturing and clinical trials.

Cogent’s passion for manufacture starts with engaging with your team at   product design stage and as soon as key components crystallise, supply chain   development commences in parallel, ensuring long lead materials are secured   for prototype and pre-production, so no time to market is lost.    Likewise, future obsolescence can be headed off at the pass and our team of professionals   are on hand to resolve any issues that may surface along the production   process.

The NPI stage is the opportunity to prove not just the design but the most   effective manufacturing and test regimes for future serial production. NPI   concludes with completion of your product, plus a full DFM reports,   sustaining and supporting your product through to end-of-life and on   completion of your NPI we will help you create a supply chain for your   product, which benefits you.

To illustrate our commitment to our clients, each of these elements is   underpinned by a series of quality gates documented and recorded within our   bespoke monitoring and planning system – MaPS which has been developed and   adapted to ensure complete control from start to finish of your project.

For more information on our services or MaPS, please contact our sales team   on 01473 445550.